Logging the Miles

I had a piece on leadership and the probie set for my next entry; instead, I want to talk about fascades. Relax. I won’t be quizzing you about building construction. What I mean are the masks we don more than our scba ones: the guise that everything is just A-Ok. Mine sported such a pretty…read more

The Story Behind Fire and Fuel Apparel

The Story Behind Fire and Fuel Apparel Fire And Fuel Apparel presents a wide array of firefighter clothing and accessories for men and women, inspired by some of the bravest and most daring of today’s heroes. Fire and Fuel Apparel supplies shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, key chains, hats and much more with striking colors and designs…read more

3 heat-related threats to firefighters and how to fix them

Firefighting tasks, whether carried out in fire combat or during training, requires a tremendous amount of energy and as the human body burns (metabolizes) fuel (calories) it produces a tremendous amount of heat. It’s just like that thing we call combustion. Dehydration and hyperthermia can have serious physical and mental impacts on the individual. According to…read more

Baltimore County firefighter dies during training exercise

A 58-year-old Baltimore County firefighter died Friday afternoon after he suffered a suspected heart attack during training, officials said. Robert Fogle III, a 27-year veteran and career firefighter, was participating in exercises at the Sparrows Point training facility when he became ill. He was taken to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.…read more