Logging the Miles

I had a piece on leadership and the probie set for my next entry; instead, I want to talk about fascades. Relax. I won’t be quizzing you about building construction. What I mean are the masks we don more than our scba ones: the guise that everything is just A-Ok. Mine sported such a pretty…read more

Florida Firefighters Mow Man’s Lawn After Coming to His Rescue

A group of Florida firefighters are being praised after photos of them mowing the lawn of a man whose home they had been called to went viral. The first responders – Capt. Daniel Papa, Driver Engineer Eugene Mobley, Firefighter Scot Kortright, Firefighter Timothy Sinnott, Firefighter Joseph DePiero and Fire Explorer Jordan Gennusa – responded to…read more

3 firefighters killed, 4 hurt as ‘hellstorm’ overtakes vehicle

TWISP, Wash. (AP) – A “hellstorm” of flames apparently enveloped a vehicle that crashed while carrying firefighters battling a blaze in Washington state, killing three of them during an explosive fire season in the arid West. Four other firefighters were hurt, including one critically, on Wednesday as crews fought raging wildfires advancing on towns in…read more


Local firefighters are mourning the loss of a local hero.  Firefighter Chris Daniels was on duty at the Pine Level Fire Department Monday morning when he collapsed and died. Daniels was a full-time firefighter, serving as Engineer/Acting Captain with the Smithfield Fire Department. Daniels, 40, of Selma, worked part-time with the Pine Level, Thanksgiving and…read more

Chattanooga firefighter catches baby dropped from third floor during blaze

Chattanooga firefighters battled a large apartment fire last night at the Hidden Creek Apartments on East Brainerd Road. An off-duty Chattanooga firefighter captured a baby after it was dropped from the third floor by the mother, according to Bruce Garner, fire department spokesman. The firefighter was identified as Lieutenant Vernon Lane, with Ladder 1 at Station 1. Lane also…read more

FHExpo: Distinguished Contributors Inducted into New Firehouse Hall of Fame

Baltimore, Md., July 17 — Four distinguished contributors have been inducted into the new Firehouse Hall of Fame. Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn, FDNY; Chief Alan Brunacini, Phoenix Fire Department; Chief Harvey Eisner, former Firehouse Magazine editor-in-chief; and Hal Bruno, former political director for ABC News, were honored at a special event on Friday, July 17…read more