Logging the Miles

I had a piece on leadership and the probie set for my next entry; instead, I want to talk about fascades. Relax. I won’t be quizzing you about building construction. What I mean are the masks we don more than our scba ones: the guise that everything is just A-Ok. Mine sported such a pretty…read more

Meet Team Fire and Fuel Apparel’s Newest Athlete

Meet Team Fire and Fuel Apparel’s Newest Athlete   We are proud to announce our newest international team member Shantelle Malawski from Canada. She joins an incredible group of firefighter athletes on Team Fire and Fuel Apparel. Her passion for fitness and the fire service will only make this team even stronger.  The team is made…read more

Firefighter Combat Challenge

Smooth is Fast! The Firefighter Combat Challenge is billed as the toughest 2 minutes in sports. Do you agree? Personally after trying to concur the five obstacles course twice myself; I would agree. These men and women firefighters who compete in this sport are some of the best athlete’s I have seen. The five obstacles…read more

New Addition To Team Fire and Fuel Apparel

Fire and Fuel Apparel adds Amy Harris to it’s team of firefighter athletes. We are very excited to have Amy join the team and the add strength she brings to it. All team members share the goal of bring more attention to firefighter fitness and reducing line of duty deaths by being fit for duty. Follow…read more

The Story Behind Fire and Fuel Apparel

The Story Behind Fire and Fuel Apparel Fire And Fuel Apparel presents a wide array of firefighter clothing and accessories for men and women, inspired by some of the bravest and most daring of today’s heroes. Fire and Fuel Apparel supplies shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, key chains, hats and much more with striking colors and designs…read more

The Firefighter Brotherhood

I grew up always wanting to become a firefighter. Being a fourth generation firefighter, I guess it has always been in my blood. The summer after graduating from High School I was hired by the Forest Service to be a wild land firefighter. I learned the value of brotherhood and team work very quickly. After…read more

Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro’s new right-hand man is a woman — the first in FDNY history

The city fire commissioner’s new right-hand man is a gal — for the first time in FDNY history. Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro said newly promoted Capt. Elizabeth Cascio would be the first female and first EMS member to hold the post as executive officer to the commissioner. “Certainly it’s not a bad example for the department that we’re…read more

New website to help firefighters ‘bust fires’

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A research meteorologist in Southern California has created a tool to help firefighters fight wildfires. Shyh-Chin Chen created the website created the app FireBuster after witnessing the Southern California wildfires in 2007. “The fire was burning right on my doorstep, and it jumped over my house,” said Chen, forest service research meteorologist for the Pacific Southwest Research Station.…read more