This Is How We’re Killing Firefighters

We think we have time to change department rules and revise bylaws. Problem is, we don’t. We’re on borrowed time as it is. According to the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance, a firefighter takes his/her life every 3.25 days. That’s your brother, your sister. Two a week. Gone. Despite the push for awareness and action, we’re…read more

John Whelan

On June 28, while checking for extension from a dumpster fire, Engineer Whelan was critically injured when a skylight collapsed and he fell through the roof of an abandoned building at 3860 Blake Street. Whelan was treated at the scene and transported to the hospital for medical care including several surgeries. On July 15, several…read more

FHExpo: Distinguished Contributors Inducted into New Firehouse Hall of Fame

Baltimore, Md., July 17 — Four distinguished contributors have been inducted into the new Firehouse Hall of Fame. Deputy Chief Vincent Dunn, FDNY; Chief Alan Brunacini, Phoenix Fire Department; Chief Harvey Eisner, former Firehouse Magazine editor-in-chief; and Hal Bruno, former political director for ABC News, were honored at a special event on Friday, July 17…read more