Firefighter Combat Challenge

Smooth is Fast!
The Firefighter Combat Challenge is billed as the toughest 2 minutes in sports. Do you agree? Personally after trying to concur the five obstacles course twice myself; I would agree. These men and women firefighters who compete in this sport are some of the best athlete’s I have seen.

The five obstacles is set up to mimic the effects of a on the fire ground and it does. The start is at the bottom of a set of stairs in full gear and a hotel pack. The buzzer sounds and the race begins as climb to the top of the tower. Then you reach over the rail to pull up a hose roll to the top fast as possible. On your way down from the tower you start to feel that anaerobic state with your legs being taxed. The lactic acid is really building up at this point. Here starts the mind over body battle for the next three obstacles. As you slam the hammer against the keiser sled to move it the full length you wonder when or where you will be able to catch your next breath. Now your as fast as you can around the the delineator posts to the other end of the course. Before you know it your at the fourth obstacle and your body is saying slow down to your mind as you running with the hose and through the saloon doors. Then it’s over to the final obstacle which is the dummy drag. Take a deep breath before you squat down and pick him up. Now it’s a lot of mental toughness during the drag. The battle continues rages between your body and mind as you focus on taking each step until you cross the finish line. Congratulations you just finished Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge. Enjoy that moment knowing that you did something that less than 1% of all firefighters will do no matter what your time was.

The men and women who compete in the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge are some the best people in and out of fire service. There dedication to the sport and firefighter fitness is incredible. Something I can’t put into words is the bond of the this group of firefighter’s. It doesn’t matter where you come from or how long it took to complete the course they are there for you in anyway needed. I wish all of you the best of luck and will see you at Worlds or the next race. Be safe and stay healthy.

Go Team Fire and Fuel Apparel!
Smooth is Fast