Tips For Staying Motivated To Workout When You’re Really Tired

All jobs are demanding in one way or another. Some of these demands are physical while others are mental. One of the many things that makes the first responder profession so challenging is that we have to be mentally sharp while also physically fit. To let either of these areas slide is to risk being unable to perform when people in our communities need us most.

As such, most firefighters that we know spend a lot of time working out when not called out on a job. Many firehouses have gyms built right into them so that all of the firefighters can work on their strength and cardiovascular fitness while waiting for the alarm to ring.

Like regular citizens, however, firefighters often suffer from physical and mental fatigue. Sometimes, it would just be easier to spend the day reading a book or watching televisions with coworkers instead of doing heavy lifts in the gym. It’s always harder to workout when you’re tired, and if your job causes you to be tired A LOT, you could be in for a nasty Catch 22.

Here at Fire & Fuel Apparel, we’re dedicated to supporting firefighters in all aspects of their service. That’s why we’re passionate about creating some of the best firefighter apparel on the market today. It’s also why we’ve put together this handy list of tips for staying motivated to workout when you’re really tired. Whether you’re a firefighter yourself or simply love someone who is, we’ll hope you’ll use and share this list to help keep you in tip-top shape!

1. Workout In The Morning

Firefighters work odd hours, but if you find that your energy wanes as the day goes on, it’s best to get into the habit of working out in the morning. After washing your face and brushing your teeth, make working out your #1 priority. (OK you can eat breakfast first if you really need to, just keep it light so you don’t get sick!) Working out in the morning is a win-win situation because not only will your exercise already be out of the way before you start your shift, you’ll also feel more energized throughout the day!

2. Use The Buddy System

When you can’t be trusted to hold yourself accountable, get a fellow firefighter to do it for you. Working on with a buddy means that you can encourage and motivate each other, even if the other person is having an off day. Many times, we’ll bail on working out if the decision is left up to us, but we’re more likely to stick to the routine when a friend or coworker is there in their custom firefighter apparel, ready to hit the gym.

3. Pump Up Your Playlist

Nothing gets you hyped up for physical activity like a rockin’ playlist. Search for and download songs that make you feel revved up and ready to dance. It could be rap, heavy metal, or even the Bee Gees. We don’t judge! The point is that finding a group of songs that wakes up your mind will help you to push your body toward the gym (even when it really doesn’t want to go).

4. Change Into Your Gym Clothes Immediately

If you’re the kind of firefighter who likes to work out to relieve stress at the end of a long day, it’s important to change into your fitness apparel right away. Don’t even leave the firehouse first! If you give yourself the chance to go home and look at your couch, the chances go down that you’ll actually go to the gym.

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